Anabatic - the specialist in a new generation of advertising supports.

Anabatic conceives, manufactures, sells and rent a variety of blimps ranging in size from 4 meters to 14 meters. Our products are simple to use, robust and reliable. They are manufactured (cut out by thermo-shaping laser) using first quality components, from the electronics to the materials used (carbon fiber).

Anabatic offers numerous custom possibilities in line with your wishes. We are the only company that offers free services including piloting lessons, technical support, and air shot pictures. We can also provide a wide range of made-to-order shapes, replicas, special requirements, etc...
Professional and Research institutes choose Anabatic because we offer the flexibility to design a system to meet their needs.

Anabatic also adapt different kinds of IMU stabilized Gimbals (remote controlled video heads) that fit our RC blimps and our Tethered Systems.

We offer :
Ground console
Battery charger
Camera control (Canon, Sony, Panasonic,...)

Anabatic is
- Quality
- Service
- Value
- Experience

Technical data sheets and detailed price lists are available right here on our website.
Our range includes indoor models and outdoor models. All models are electric powered, but we can offer gas powered blimp on request
Most importantly, we are here to answer any of your questions, simply fill out the contact form and we guarantee you will receive an answer as soon as possible. Check out our videos to see our product in the air!