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Anabatic General conditions of sales and delivery - version September 2012

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Frequently asked questions about Zeppelin

Do you have retailers in the world ?

No, we want to have direct link with our customers. Therefore we have no retailers and ship worldwide.

What is the difference between the single and twin engine versions ?

Both versions have interests. The single engine version cost less and is less complex to maintain, but the blimp must advance to have directionnal control.
The twin vectorial engine version allow you to take of vertically, stop the blimp like an helicopter, go backward.

What is the use of the back motor ?

The back motor (included with the indoor models, but optionnal with outdoor models) allow the blimp to turn on the lacet axis without advance speed. It's better if you need to do sharp turns at low speed.

With which gaz is the zeppelin filled up, and is it dangerous ?

The zeppelin is filled with helium. Helium is a rare gas like Argon and others, it's not explosive and doesnt present any health risk.

Is it possible to have other sizes or shape ?

Yes, we can make custom sizes or shapes, just ask by mail. A lot of clients have special needs, we are used to adapt the design to their specifications.

Can I have a logo on the blimp, how much does it cost ?

Yes, the blimp can be fully printed with your logo, the price will depend on the colours and the size of the blimp. We can also print only the banners if you want.
E-mail us your logo, and we can prepare a quote for you

How to store the blimp when it's deflated ?

You can store the blimp in a dry room from 15° to 25° Celsius. Dont fold it to tightened.