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Outdoor aerial advertising is very dramatic and extremely visible. They make 

powerful statements incomparable to any other means of advertising. One easily remembers an airship as 
it gracefully flies by.

Blimps are unusual, and throughout the world there are only a handful flying. Because they are rare, they often receive additional advertising and exposure. 
When a blimp is in your area, it often shows up in the local papers, is talked about on radio, and sometimes even on TV news broadcasts.

They outclass all other traditional forms of advertising. They are much more than floating billboards: people talk about seeing them - and that’s just what we want them to do!

Our outdoor Remote Control Blimps are the ultimate in outdoor advertising for sporting events, concerts and fairs.  Everything about the Outdoor RC Blimp product line is designed with safety in mind. With over 10 years of experience in the manufacture and sale of radio controlled blimps, our systems are continuously improving. 
Electric powered - the outdoor Remote Control airship can operate in winds from 20 to over 40 km/h with full 360 degree vectoring allowing for complete reverse flight.  The gondola is either polypropylen or fiberglass, depending on the size of the blimp. The vector arm (movable arm which holds and rotates the motors) rotates 270°.  This design facilitates infinite hovering control and enables the airship to reverse, if needed.

Our blimps are practically fail-safe thanks to the anti jamming 2.4Ghz system technique used in its radio systems. This enables it to shut down in case of radio failure or interference.  This also allows the airship to slowly settle to the ground. 

The appropriate size of your blimp will be determined by the venue, the event needs, and the elevation of your flying location.  We can also manufacture custom-size blimps which perfectly fit your needs. All of our outdoor Remote Control Blimps come standard with interchangeable banner areas and a selective remote controlled video head.

Flight characteristics:
The outdoor RC blimps can takeoff and land vertically in a rather limited area and switch to forward flight capability at any desired altitude.
In the forward flight mode, the airship is flown like a fixed wing aircraft.
In the hover mode, the operation is similar to that of a helicopter.
During slow forward flight or hover in wind, a combination of these two techniques is used.

Training and Flight Operations:
Operation of the outdoor RC blimps should be conducted only by fully experienced R/C pilots with knowledge of batteries, engines, radio transmitter, receiver, servo operations and the airship's capabilities.

Qualified pilots must be trained and certified in writing by our RC staff.  Training is not included in the price of the blimps, it is quoted with each request.

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